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Specializing in Expungement, Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, and White Collar Crime, San Antonio criminal defense lawyer Patrick L. Hancock has been speaking up for people since 1992 around San Antonio, Texas, against serious criminal charges. Patrick Hancock is a practiced San Antonio criminal law attorney with a tried and true record of effectiveness. He recognizes how crucial it is to apply a keen awareness of the law to create a critical defense no matter what criminal charge you confront. His firm is devoted to delivering clients with qualified, personalized and aggressive criminal law defense. Criminal Justice attorney, Patrick L. Hancock is confidential to the fact that his clients are often baffled, overwhelmed and frightened by the criminal justice system. That is why he will spend as much time as required to comfort you, explain your rights, and give you a realistic assessment of your case and an overview of the criminal justice system and Sexual assault attorney San Antonio.

Law Offices of Patrick L. Hancock

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March 29, 2021 07:57 PM
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Law Offices of Patrick L. Hancock

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